57° 48’ N, 23° 15’ E


Ruhnu Lighthouse

This is the southernmost lighthouse of Estonia.
The tower with a red painted lantern room and a
balcony stands on Haubjerre Hill. The height of
the iron tower, supported by counterforts, is 40
metres from its foot and the height of the light
from sea level is 65 metres. The lighthouse was
manufactured in Le Havre in France and it was
erected in 1877, to replace the old wooden
lighthouse. Allegedly, one of the designers was
Gustave Eiel. Today it remains the only
surviving, all year round working lighthouse of
this type in the Baltic region. The light at the top
of Ruhnu lighthouse blinks on the following cycle:
1 second light and 3 seconds dark.

Ticket prices:

Student and elderly 2 €

Adult 3€

Lighthouse is open from Tuesday to Saturday 17.00 – 19.00

Phone +372 533 22 030


Use of images only with Ruhnu rural government permission.