57° 48’ N, 23° 15’ E


Ruhnu Lighthouse

1877 – 1877 a metal lighthouse with a unique cylindrical tower and side supports
was built in Gulf of Riga. Mountable lighthouse elements, designed by engineer Louis Édouard
Lecointre, were manufactured at the Forges et Chaniers de la Méditerranée shipyard located in
Le Havre, France. Sautter, Lemonnier’s version 2 optical light lantern was installed on top of the
lighthouse. The original light lantern was destroyed in the First World war and
was restored in 1937 by engineer Ants Niilre’s project. Lighthouse is made out of
iron sheets and is 40 meters high. The metal lighthouse has been operating
for over hundred years and is still operating today and it’s the only this kind
of lighthouse remained in the Baltic Sea region. The light at the top
of Ruhnu lighthouse blinks on the following cycle:
1 second light and 3 seconds dark.

This year the lighthouse is closed to visitors. Renovations.

Phone +372 533 22 030

3D model http://www.fluxprojekt.eu/#/ruhnu-tuletorn/


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