57° 48’ N, 23° 15’ E


Liise Farm Accommodation


We have been receiving guests and have kept the shop since 1998. We can accommodate up to 46 guests. We have 34
places in the stylish Ruhnu Swedish outbuildings and 12 places
in a private house with a sauna on the edge of the village. We
o‹er catering to all, starting from individual backpackers to large groups
(300 people), we organize summer festivals and weddings, always taking
into consideration the special wishes of our guests. Food is served in farm
buildings dating from the beginning of the last century. Our small bakery
bakes black bread and white bread, small pies and cookies daily.
We also accept orders for birthday cakes.
We make sure you have a great holiday in Ruhnu.
The friendly family of Liisküla will be your host.

tel 520 8756 luise@ruhnu.ee liisetalu.ee